Four Myths About Freight Brokers

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Having a freight broker working alongside you is considered mandatory in today's business world. Their experience and knowledge can help expand your enterprise and establish your brand. The problem is that like most industries and jobs, many myths and unchecked facts start to develop. What's true and what isn't? When it comes to freight brokers, we take a look at the four most common myths associated with them and break them open for you.

Myth #1: It is always more expensive to hire a freight broker

This is the most common myth that comes with freight brokers. But when you consider the very nature of the job is for brokers to analyse your requests and to find the best result for you, which in turn saves you money, this myth is completely debunked. The convenience they offer, and the potential savings you can gain, highlights that their service is a good investment that delivers a very good return. It is much cheaper to hire a freight broker as opposed to managing the logistics yourself - which can cost you dearly.

Myth #2: Freight brokers are not selective about their carriers

One of the bigger misconceptions is that brokers are not committed to selecting their carriers. The fact is, due to the nature of their business, it is essential that they establish workable and effective relationships with transport carriers. If the goods and items aren't delivered on time or properly, they won't be able to stand in business. Most of the time, these relationships develop to become successful partnerships where special deals are made to the benefit of customers. You can be sure that a successful freight broker will be very selective about the carriers they use.

Myth #3: There are no versatile services offered by freight brokers

The flexible nature of freight brokers means they can help you in an array of different ways. This can include:

  • Arranging a private fleet for your personally (for those who need regular shipments to the same destination)
  • Organising the loading and unloading process of your products (which saves you time doing it yourself)
  • Finding you the best mode of transportation for your product (including the likes of truck, air, ship and train)
  • Providing you with updates on the movement of your products thanks to the latest GPS technology

Myth #4: They will not handle your product/goods/package with care

The very premise of a freight broker is to ensure that they get the goods and items of their customers to its destination without any problems. Any damages or issues along the way will be harmful to the broker's reputation. That is why they have always worked hard to establish positive relationships with carriers that deliver the goods and products in perfect condition. Much like myth two, brokers will be very selective with their carriers and guarantee that your goods and items will be protected during transportation.