Questions To Ask Your Freight Broker The First Time You Met


Before hiring a freight broker in Australia, you should make sure if they are capable of providing the service you expect. To test if they are up to your standards, ask the following questions the first time you meet them; it will give you the clarity you want on whether they can deliver the job for you.  



    •    Are you experienced enough to handle our cargo?  

Experience matters a lot when it comes to freight brokering. Therefore, as the first step of hiring a new freight broker, you must ask how long they have been in the industry. The last thing you need is to end up with a random ‘freight broker’ that doesn’t have any experience. They'll very likely fail to meet your expectations. They lack the connections with carriers and the experience in handling different products, materials and goods (such as heavier machines, hazardous or fragile items). This will hurt you in the long run.  


    •    Can you handle any type of product or only special commodities? 

Some freight brokers handle specified products only. So, it is good to ask if the prospective broker handles all types of products or is merely limited to specified commodities. You must contact the representatives of the freight broker and get the correct information before you begin the process.  


    •    Do you maintain a good network of carriers? 

It is always important that your freight broker maintains a highly professional and strong network of essential services such as carriers, destination/origin ports, insurance service providers and so forth. As long as they have a strong network of professionals, the respective freight broker will be able to deliver the best freight routes for you. Failing to have such connections will hinder a smooth operation. 


    •    Can you provide me with some references? 

A good reference is the most valid sign of an excellent operation. You should straightaway ask if the prospective freight broker is willing to show you some quality references. These references should be available on their website or should be provided to you directly by the broker. Depending on the feedbacks left by the previous clients, you will gain a strong insight into the quality of their work.  


    •    Are you willing to offer me the best deals? 

Your freight broker should be able to create a win-win situation for both parties (for you and the carrier). They should be able to negotiate with the carriers and provide you with better rates that will be beneficial for your business. 


If you can find promising answers to the above mentioned questions, you are highly likely to end up with a good freight broker who can deliver what you expect.